Why choose Millennial Counsel

Millennial Counsel is the only consulting firm solely dedicated to helping you gain a thorough understanding of young voters, and how to win them. We can enable you to help your clients better understand and win young voters.

With roots deep in the heart of the student community and growing links across political centres around the globe, Millennial Counsel is a fresh, dynamic and youthful company optimally placed to help you gain a deep understanding of millennial voters.

Why Millennial Counsel?

Archetypal middle aged consultants do not possess the knowledge and experience of how to effectively engage, and ultimately win, young voters. This has fuelled the myth that there are no votes in young people. We can give you the knowledge to offer your clients the key to unlock the millennial demographic.

Politicians have failed to engage effectively with young people for far too long, and conventional consultants and advisors have failed politicians in their efforts to engage with, and win, young voters.

Millennial Counsel aims to bring a new perspective to the table and provide an effective and holistic solution to this problem. 

Why is this demographic so important?

The under-25 age group is undoubtedly one of the most significant emerging voter demographics. For example, the 2017 UK general election saw the highest turnout of the 18-24 demographic in 25 years, according to the Financial Times.

In America, the millennial demographic is expected to become the largest voting bloc in 2018. 

Young people are becoming more engaged and involved and their vote will continue to rise in importance - this is a very powerful voting group for those who understand it and can harness it.

The demand for the key to unlock this demographic has never been higher.