About Millennial Counsel

Millennial Counsel is a politically neutral UK-based consulting firm established to help companies operating in the political sphere to better understand young voters, so they, in turn, can offer their clients a more thorough knowledge of millennial voters and how to win them.

We also advise politicians, candidates, parties and general decision makers from around the globe on how to better engage with, and ultimately win, young voters - those aged 25 and under - who are often misunderstood or ignored.

Through an extensive international network and our partnership with Influence 51, an American consulting firm, we offer a diverse and different perspective from most consulting firms. We are not your typical consultants.

Our belief is that whilst ideas are important, the execution of these ideas are far more so - this is where many people trying to win young voters go wrong. 

Who are we?

Having represented over 10,000 young people as an ex-Member of the UK Youth Parliament, Trib Gosain founded Millennial Counsel in October 2017 after working on several campaigns and seeing the disillusionment between young people and the political bubble.

Trib has links to political companies across the world and is frequently asked for advice on how they can help their clients tap into the millennial demographic. In October 2018, Trib announced that Millennial Counsel would begin to offer consulting services to companies.

Trib, a 20-year-old student, has experienced both sides of politics in his 6 years of active involvement: being in the inner circle of campaigns and working closely with politicians and being outside the loop as a campaigner and member of the electorate. As a result, Trib has a rounded and unique perspective on millennial engagement.

Trib also serves on the board of the multi award-winning thinktank TalkPolitics, as a Non-Executive Director, advising the MD and board on how to run the organisation more effectively.

Trib is young, but he believes that his age is his biggest asset.