About Millennial Counsel

Millennial Counsel is a politically neutral UK-based firm established to help politicians, policy makers, organisations, individuals and general decision makers from around the globe to engage, connect with, and ultimately win young voters - those aged 25 and under - who are often misunderstood or ignored, whilst also working to get more young people actively involved in politics and help to change perceptions of millennials.

Who are we?

Having represented over 10,000 young people as an ex-Member of the UK Youth Parliament, Trib Gosain founded Millennial Counsel in October 2017 after working on several campaigns and seeing the disillusionment between politicians and young people. Trib, a 20-year-old student, has experienced both sides of the problem in his 5 years of active involvement in politics: politicians' failure to connect with young people, whose views are not being taken into account as a result, and millennials becoming disengaged with politics. Trib is young, but he believes that his age is his biggest asset. He also believes that Millennial Counsel can help solve the vital issue of young voter engagement.